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Tea or Coffee Infuser

Tea or Coffee Infuser
Large Fine Mesh Infuser

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This fine mesh Infuser is perfect for brewing hot or iced tea as well as making cold brew coffee. Provides ample room for loose tea leaves to expand, unfurl and release their full flavor. Creates a well-balanced, smooth, concentrated coffee that can be enjoyed hot or cold. Twists easily onto any Takeya Pitcher.

* It is recommended to use a separate infuser for tea and coffee as coffee essential oils and flavors are strong and may alter the flavor of iced tea.


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Hydrate with a delicious glass of freshly brewed iced tea


Reduce disposable bottle waste by making your iced tea at home


Withstands boiling hot or ice cold temperatures
Use tea bags or loose leaf tea
BPA free
Dishwasher safe

Designed for:

Airtight Pitcher
Iced Tea Maker
Cold Brew Coffee Maker


BPA-free Polymer


Tea Infuser