4 Simple Ways To Wow Your Water

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Oct 05, 2016

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4 Simple Ways To Wow Your Water

Schedule Time to Sip

While scheduling time to sip on some water might sound extreme, for some people scheduling time is the only way anything gets done. Think getting to the gym or prepping a healthy lunch for work tomorrow. You take steps to ensure you make other healthy choices so why not add hydration to your routine. Some health experts swear by a full 8oz glass of water first thing in the morning, citing it leaves them with mental clarity and a less groggy feeling throughout the day. Try setting an alarm on your phone every 30 minutes or so as a reminder to drink a few ounces. Keep a bottle or tumbler on your desk or in your car so you always have water close at hand. Like everything else in your routine, once it’s part of your day it’ll become second nature to hydrate throughout the day.


Infuse + Flavor Your Water

Water is pretty tasteless so mix it up and add in some flavor to keep your water exciting and something you look forward to drinking. A great combo is to infuse sliced lemons. The little yellow fruit packs plenty of its own health benefits plus it adds a subtle citrus flavor to your water. Once you start infusing flavor into your water, the possibilities are endless. It’s fun to come up with creative combinations. You can even add in veggies and herbs as well. A few of our favorite flavor combos are below:

  • Lemon, cucumber, basil
  • Orange, blackberry, mint
  • Grapefruit + rosemary
  • Apple, ginger + mint
  • Orange, cilantro + lime

Iced tea is another way to flavor your water and get some added health benefits. Looking for a slight caffeine boost? Try an all-natural black iced tea. Looking to cut out caffeine? Try a naturally flavored iced herbal tea. Trick yourself into drinking more water by pumping it up with a little flavor.


Count Your Ounces

Sports and fitness lovers are no stranger to competition. Why not make meeting your hydration goals a competition? Know the number of ounces in your water bottle and push yourself to drink 3, 4, 9… however many bottles you need to drink in order to hit your personal hydration number. It sounds a little silly but it can actually be fun to push yourself to drink even more each day.


Heat it Up

For when it’s crisp and cool out, heating up your water is a great way to ensure you meet your daily hydration goals. Try heating up your water with the juice from half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. Like spice? Add a dash of cayenne. Or steep a hot tea and get the added health benefits loose leaf teas can bring to the table.

Drinking water doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun, infuse flavor and push yourself to drink more water. You’ll be amazed at what happens to your skin, brain and overall health when you increase your water intake and you’re properly hydrated.