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5 Tips From our US Open Pickleball Champion – Catherine Parenteau

Posted by alexis siemons on

US Open Pickleball Champion, Catherine Parenteau, shares her top 5 pickleball tips for beginners. We are thrilled to have Catherine on Team Takeya! And don’t forget that hydration is an all-day game - checkout our exclusive Pickleball Bottle Collection. 

5 Tips From our US Open Pickleball Champion – Catherine Parenteau

1) Remember to serve and stay, return and run in

2) Be ready at all times with your paddle up in between each shot. Always expect a powerful shot coming your way! 

3) Make sure your contact point is in front of your body 

4) Don't be afraid of the kitchen! Remember that you can hit balls without letting them bounce as long as your feet are behind the kitchen line! If the ball bounces it is okay to go in the kitchen to hit it.

5) If you want to hit something soft, loosen your grip. If you want to hit something with more pace, have a little tighter of a grip. 

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