A Partner Workout For The Win

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Feb 27, 2017

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When you finish a great workout your body is pumping with adrenaline leaving you feeling energized and healthier. And when you have positive interactions with friends you’re left feeling happy and oftentimes refreshed. So it’s easy to see why partner workouts are a good idea. Combine your love of fitness with a good friend and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Our friend Mai Lyn over at Deep Fried Fit grabbed a buddy and shows us how to master the partner workout. The best part of her partner workout is that it’s all bodyweight exercises so you can do this workout anywhere. Grab a work friend and get a workout in on your lunch break. Or head outdoors with your significant other and get your heart pumping. Check it out below:

Deep Fried Fit Partner Workout

Lunge with Oblique Twist

Lunge with Oblique Twist

Love a good combo move. We faced each other, took our legs back for a reverse lunge and then twisted toward the front leg. Alternate legs and twist. I love reverse lunges because it’s easier to keep your forward leg in that 90 degree angle and not let your knee go over your toes.

Partner Sit Ups

Partner Sit Ups

The great thing about partner sit ups is using the rhythm to do more than you thought possible. I personally hate ab workouts, but doing them with Jess took my mind off counting and more on seeing who would tap out first. HA.

You’ll get into a normal sit up position. Your toes can touch. Then you’ll lay all the way back, arms extended over head before using your core to pull yourself up and meet your buddy for a clap. Whether you’re doing 20, 30, 40+ sit ups, you’re doing them together and are less likely to want to give up when your partner is counting on you.

Wheelbarrow Push up and Deadlift/Squat

Wheelbarrow Push up and Deadlift

I love this move because it targets both upper body and lower body. While I’m doing push ups, Jess was able to do either deadlifts or squats using my body weight. Since she is definitely taller than I am, she could easily let me do decline push ups.

For deadlifts, make sure your feet is slightly closer than hips distance apart, knees only slightly bent.  Lower to pick up your partners feet. As you lift up to standing position, keep your chest up and use your legs to lift, not your back.

If squats are easier, same principle, but wider stance and more bend in your knees.

Arabesque Leg Lifts

Arabesque Leg Lifts

This move challenged our balance while getting in a good butt workout since we had to use each other as anchors. We faced each other and lifted one straight leg back, held it for a second before bringing it back down. You can repeat for 45 seconds before switching legs.

See the rest of the workout on Deep Fried Fit.