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A Relaxing and Energizing Yoga Playlist

Posted by Ryan Rosenkilde on

The holidays are in full swing. And that means that we are right in the thick of holiday stress. Gift lists, out-of-town family, and the realization that you didn’t fulfill your 2017 resolutions all add to an already hectic time of year. Whether you’re cooking for your family and friends or busy engineering your holiday light display, remember to take a few minutes to relax. We put together the perfect pre-festivities yoga and meditation playlist.

Our playlist starts out relaxing to help you destress. Focus on your breathing and try to clear your mind. Don’t worry, the ham is just fine. The playlist then slowly builds in energy to get you ready for whatever you’ve got planned. After all, those football teams aren’t going to cheer themselves on! By the end of the playlist you’ll be ready for anything! We promise you will leave energized and refreshed it may even turn into the playlist you play in the car for when that rush hour commute is just a little too much to handle.

What sort of music relaxes you? What song takes you to a place where you can destress and reenergize? Shoot us a DM on Instagram and we’ll add it to our playlist.

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