Meet Your Takeya Trainer: John Gaines

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Jun 10, 2022

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Meet Your Takeya Trainer: John Gaines

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with trainer and athlete, John Gaines, joining the team as our new Takeya Trainer. John will be sharing Instagram Live and Youtube workouts along with pro tips for peak performance - like maintaining endurance with ice cold water from our Sport Water Bottle Collection. To kick things off, we met with John to learn about his athletic journey and shared his answers below. Meet our Takeya Trainer, John Gaines!


What Is The First Sport You Ever Played?
Tell us about your journey as an Athlete?
I was a three sport athlete from grade school through high school.  I played basketball, football and ran track.  Basketball was my first love, but I ended up getting a scholarship to play football so I pursued that after high school.  I ran Track to stay in shape for the other two sports, but I became a pretty good long jumper and made it to the state finals track meet in high school. 
What is your go-to AM breakfast before working out?
Typically oatmeal and eggs, but I want to branch off into overnight oats and protein pancakes.
What is your favorite Takeya bottle?
The stainless steel bottles in the Sport Collection. The triple insulation keeps my water ice cold for 26+ hours whether I'm training clients or working out at home for around the clock hydration. 
What is your go-to post workout snack?
I typically have a protein shake and a banana.  
Why do you love fitness?
I started exercising and training because I was undersized coming out of high school. I needed to get bigger for college football and I fell in love with fitness in that process.  It was the first time I had really pushed myself outside of what was required for sports and I loved it.  I haven’t looked back since and that’s been 13 years.
How often do you hydrate?
All day.  I try and kickstart my day with 12-16oz the get me going, then I sip throughout the day to try and get a gallon in each day.  I sometimes hop in workouts with my clients on top of my personal workouts, so I burn a lot of calories and sweat a lot throughout the day.  Don’t be discouraged if a gallon is too much for you. One tip I have for people who are trying to increase their water intake is the earlier you start, the easier it is.  The 64oz Sport bottle will definitely help keep you on track, because you know that you only need to fill it a little over twice to get in that gallon.
Next place you’re traveling to…
What are the last 5 songs on your workout playlist?
I do different genres for different workouts.
-Hiit workouts or intense weight lifting sessions is rap/hip hop.  The tempo helps keep the energy up.
-Solo lifting workouts is usually rnb or oldies.  Like 70s-90s rnb!  It helps me slow my tempo down which can help with muscle growth. 
-Outdoor runs I do gospel, or an audio book.  This is really just for some positive vibes and enjoying outdoors.
What is your go-to workout/fitness essential?
I can get busy with just about anything!  I love bodyweight hiit workouts as an alternative to traditional cardio.  If I had to choose though I would go with dumbbells.
What is your top tip for fitness beginners?
It starts in your mind.  You have to set a goal and be committed to it before you start.  When the obstacles come, you will be able to push through and keep chasing GAINS!  Be patient, and work to get a little bit better each day.