A Brand New Takeya Color That Bursts With Bold Energy! Introducing Nitro Purple
New Nitro Purple by Takeya

Takeya lives where the sun saturates the earth, air, and sky in uplifting energy.

We splash that sunny vibe on every Takeya bottle we make.

With a double layer of durable powder coat drenched in vibrant California colors, there’s a perfect color for every active adventurist (who doesn’t mind looking great when they sweat).

Nitro Purple by Takeya, Hydration is an All Day Game

Is Your Color Nitro Purple?

What color matches your mood?

That's important to us.

We celebrate colors that inspire and energize sports enthusiasts one refreshing sip at a time.

We're excited about our latest color release!

Nitro purple bursts with intensity and buzzes with bold energy. But this color can calm all the way down to contemplative depending on its environment.

Is imagination purple?

We think it is.

Purple is mystical and magical. It opens our minds and ignites the fantasy of folklore. It wakes up imagination and creativity, spreading across the galaxy on a ribbon of city-infused light.

So how did Nitro Purple become part of our hydration heartbeat?

It came to us from way out on the horizon. It sprung from the ground and bloomed at our feet. It jumped out at us in the bold strokes of creative artistry. And it lit up the night with the electrified intensity of sport.

Nitro Purple inspiration:

Takeya Nitro Purple sunset

The Sunrise

You know that moment.

The one when the calm of the morning intensifies into bold purples. When quiet observation gets louder.

You feel movement growing underneath you and around you. Out of the peacefulness, you feel your senses waking up—almost tingling.

That's when it's time to hit the pavement, go after your goals, and motivate that beginning to make strides all day.


You've seen it:

The color of a hyacinth opening in the morning mist. The vibrance of an exotic feather. The iridescent shimmer on a butterfly wing.

Nitro purple is that perfect surprise in the world around us.

Takeya's Nitro Purple pushes peak performances


You've felt it.

Nitro purple projects the intense energy of sport: the electricity in our bodies when they heat up, the buzz of a stadium, the focus in a Pickleball match.

At Takeya, we firmly believe that hydration is an all day game.™

We hope Nitro Purple inspires you to perform at your peak.

That's the Nitro Purple story.

We're perfectly pleased with punchy Nitro Purple.

We hope it inspires you to find your movement and to hydrate in style all day.

Nitro Purple Takeya Collection

For those who live vibrantly, Nitro is your color.

Check out the Nitro Purple Collection—and make one yours before they bolt off the shelves!