Takeya's Pickleball Bottle Collection


Jun 23, 2023

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Takeya's Pickleball Bottle Collection

Do You Dink in the Kitchen?

Do I do what? (You read that right!).

Our Pickleball Collection bottles spring from of our love of Pickleball - the fastest growing sport in America. 

Played on a smaller version of a tennis court with a wiffleball and a paddle, Pickleball has captured the nation, with more than 3.5 million players and counting enjoying this highly addictive sport. You can play it with your kids and with your grandmother, and many people do! 

Never heard of Pickleball? You're not alone—but that won't last for long. Pickleball's popularity is exploding.

The sport came out of nowhere (not really—it's old!) and it's quickly overtaking every corner of the United States, transforming tennis courts into Pickleball courts across North America.

We decorated our Pickleball series bottles in four strong colors and we're proud to be the official water bottle sponsor of the PPA (Professional Pickleball Association).

Our Pickleball Bottle Collection is slightly different from our other bottles, featuring an ice-blocker and a wider handle. Plus, we offer 64oz bottles (they're BIG!) with straw lids.

We've named our Pickleball colors after the technical aspects that make this sport fun:

1. Dropshot Teal

2. Backspin Pink

3. Rally Blue

4. Ace Black

FAST FACT: for no reason in particular [ahem *cough*] we didn’t name one of our Pickleball colors “Dink,” which is a soft play with a Pickleball paddle that lands in the non-volley area (The Kitchen) close to the net.


Takeya's sponsorship

Takeya's mission statement is to inspire, energize, and celebrate fitness enthusiasts one refreshing sip at a time. What better way to do that than to sponsor a sport that inspires and energizes all levels of fitness and all age groups from urban centers to rural towns?

Takeya celebrates the energy of the Pickleball phenomenon sweeping the continent by keeping all newcomers and seasoned veterans happily hydrated—all game long, all season long.


Pickleball Pro Lindsey Newman 

Push yourself to perform at your Pickleball peak and beat the heat with ice-cold refreshment that's locked in, morning to night.

If you haven't participated in the Pickleball frenzy, pick up a paddle! Practice your drop shot or backspin, and get an ace!

Pickleball pro Lindsey Newman staying hydrated

Don't leave yourself parched at your first practice rally. Load up a large 64oz bottle with ice and feel that frigid water cool you off all day. With a built-in ice-blocker, the ice stays put when you quench your thirst!

Feel that sporty buzz that happens when you're active, but don't burn in the sun (wear a hat and put on your sunscreen) and stay hydrated with the Takeya Pickleball Series bottles.

If you're active and like trying new things, your best bottle comes in four colors and three sizes from our Pickleball Collection.

Shop Pickleball (and have a ton of fun)!