What's In The Pro's Pickleball Bag?


Mar 13, 2023

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What's In The Pro's Pickleball Bag?

Get a BTS look at what Takeya Ambassadors and Pickleball Pros keep in their Takeya Pickleball backpack to be tournament ready! From their water bottles to performance gear and go-to snacks, we found out what Riley Newman & Lindsey Newman carry in their bag to take their game to the next level.

Designed to perform, our Pickleball Backpack has every built-in feature that you could ever need to carry all your courtside essentials. Zip it open to reveal an internal strap to keep your Takeya bottle secure, an interior mesh pocket to keep your sweaty gear separate and an internal padded pocket that fits a 16” laptop and secures with Velcro strap. Reach down to the bottom to unzip a ventilated shoe compartment. Reach to the back and sides for dedicated paddle compartment in the back and large pockets for balls. Two zipper front pockets give you all the room you need for snacks, keys and your phone. Throw it on and walk on the court with ease thanks to extra comfort adjustable straps, before you hang it on the fence with the built-in hook.

So, what do the pros do with all this space? See what essentials they pack up for tournament day to face every match in their Takeya Pickleball Backpack


  • 2 Takeya 64oz Newman Pickleball Water Bottles (1 bottle for water and the 2nd for electrolytes).
  • 2 Gamma Riley Newman signature paddles – gotta have a backup!
  • Small weight ball to stretch out tight areas on my body. You typically play 3-5 matches in a day, so it’s key to remain loose and ready to work hard on the court. 
  • Fruit, nuts and granola bars.
  • 2-3 pairs of shorts, shirts, socks, hats. I love playing in clean fresh clothes. So I’ll change a few times each day to feel good on court! 





Pack Up Like A Pro With Takeya's Pickleball Backpack!