4 Infused Water Recipes To Brighten Your Day

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Sep 28, 2017

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Water plays a huge role in your overall health. It’s imperative to keeping your body functioning properly, recovering from a workout, even keeping your skin healthy. But sometimes plain old water can be be pretty boring. Infusing water with fruit and herbs is a great, healthy way to excite your hydration. Plus, infused waters are a great alternative to sugar-packed sodas and fruit juices. Don’t worry, your macros are safe here.

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For fall we tried to combine herbs to our favorite fruity flavors for four full-flavored recipes that are entirely refreshing. With all infused water recipes, allow your flavors to mull for at least an hour or two prior to bottling them up and taking on the go.

Blueberry + Basil

This combination is all about the basil. The fresh basil taste is sweetened slightly by the subtle blueberry flavor for a refreshing, antioxidant-packed beverage.

Grapefruit + Rosemary

Perfect for fall, this herbaceous recipe is perfect for those that want a refreshing flavored water without too much sweetness. The citrus notes of the grapefruit mix great with the floral rosemary. Note, this combo infuses quickly so taste it after an hour and remove fruit/herbs if necessary.

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Strawberry + Sage

Sweet and floral, this infused water is is equal parts fruity and herbal. It’s packed with so much sweet strawberry flavor, even kids will love this combination. Sip it in the afternoon for a refreshing, energizing burst of flavor.

Watermelon + Mint

If you’re not ready to let go of summer yet, this mint watermelon infusion is perfect for you. It’s refreshing and subtly sweet. Plus, the mint infusion will act as a breath freshener so perfect for those long days at the office.

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