Show your style with your very own design. Choose from your graphics, our graphics, or mix-and-match both. Add your own photos, logos and more to make a totally unique gift.

Customize Your Bottle10 Results

32 oz Straw Tumbler
32 oz Straw Tumbler
40 oz Straw Tumbler With Handle
40 oz Straw Tumbler With Handle
Sport Water Bottle With Spout Lid
22oz Sport Water Bottle With Spout Lid
Actives Water Bottle With Spout Lid
18oz Actives Water Bottle With Spout Lid
Actives Water Bottle With Straw Lid
18oz Actives Water Bottle With Straw Lid
Traveler Leakproof Coffee Mug
17oz Traveler Leakproof Coffee Mug


  • 360 design.
    Engrave on the front and back of your bottle.
  • Designs you’ll love.
    We’ve got a huge library of graphics and fonts to discover.
  • Endless possibilities.
    Uploaded your own graphics, photos, logos and more.
  • Mix and match.
    Add as many graphics and as much text as you want.
  • Get it perfect.
    Get a 3D preview of your designs in real time.


We offer a vast assortment of styles for customization, which you can view here

Because fast order fulfillment is a priority, we start working on your order right away. Because of this, we’re not able to cancel orders after they’ve been placed. If you decide to return your unused bottle for any reason we’re happy to help. Simply contact us and we’ll start a return process for you.

While we don’t accept returns on customized orders, if there is an issue with your customization when you receive it, please let us know and we’ll make it right.

The fee for customization is just $8 per bottle.

Yes, all of our customized bottles are dishwasher safe, except the Metallic Collection.

  1. Use clean, simple shapes and lines.
  2. Try to avoid overlapping graphics.
  3. Remove any unwanted marks.
  4. Try to use consistent widths for line art.
  5. If you're drawing your design by hand, use plain white paper and a thick black marker then take a photo without flash and crop to size.
  6. Avoid using overly thin fonts in your design.
  1. We accept rasterized files in png, jpg, bmp and vector files in svg format. 
  2. When possible it’s best to use vector files for crisp clean art.
  3. If using a rasterized format, please make sure the resolution is at least 300dpi.
  4. After exporting, zoom-in on your graphics. If you have a highly detailed graphic that looks pixelated, the quality of the etching will not look as well.
  5. Once you upload your graphics to the customization platform, make sure to double check your proof. If there are stray marks or dots, crop them out.
  6. We suggest a high-resolution (300dpi) version of your logo or design with a white background and a black or dark colored foreground. Depending on your design it may need to be inverted based on the bottle color. Simply select “invert” and you can preview how this will look then decide which is best.
  7. If you are using a design that still includes color, you can use the “threshold” slider to decide which elements are not included.

Our vectorizer will automatically convert your photos to grayscale once uploaded. Once converted we’ve provided some easy-to-use tools to help fine tune your design:

The Invert option will help when you have a mostly white background and would like to mark on black drinkware and vice versa. If you don’t like the way it looks, just press the button again and it will revert back to the original.

The Contrast Slider and Auto Contrast Button will help adjust your image after grayscale conversion. Our software automatically tries to find the optimal contrast to display your image, but this may result in the loss of some details in your graphic. You can play with the Contrast Slider to add more details and shades by sliding to the right and less by sliding to the left. If you select Auto Contrast, the graphic will revert to the original. If your image doesn’t look quite right after making adjustments it may be best to use photo editing software to silhouette the image or apply a dither effect.

We get to work on your order as quickly as possible and you can expect your bottle to arrive in 3-8 business days with free shipping. Peak times and high demand may increase the timeline.

We’re sorry to hear you're having an issue but we’re here to help. It may work to refresh your browser and start again. Please reach out if you are still having trouble and we will create an order for you that can be paid by invoice.

For assistance:

Send a screenshot or description of the item you wish to order, including the color, style and size, along with your complete shipping address.



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