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Actives Water Bottle With Spout Lid
Actives Water Bottle With Spout Lid
Female in blue outfit sitting on the beach holding a Takeya Sport Tritan water bottle.

Born in Japan, Raised with a California Spirit

On a hot summer day in 2007, a Japanese innovator and an American entrepreneur, two friends who loved outdoor sports, realized after a sweaty tennis match that they could never find a bottle that met their hydration needs. There was always something missing – bottles either didn’t keep water cold enough, they were hard to drink from, hard to carry, hard to clean and they leaked.

“Can we make a better bottle?”, they challenged each other.

Filled with a clear purpose and relentless determination, they dove deeply into their engineering and entrepreneurial expertise and passionately went on to create a great water bottle, expertly designed not only for them as fitness enthusiasts, but also for their families, community, and the planet.

Inspired by the tenacity of our founders and the unique Japanese innovation and philosophy, we at Takeya have always been in a continuous search for improvement --- from the technology we use for our innovative bottles, to our unwavering commitment to making a better bottle, for a better you.

Female in red outfit sitting on the beach drinking from a Grand Slam Black Takeya Sport Insulated Water Bottle.
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Chill-Lock™ Hydration

We asked thirsty people, from pro athletes to fitness enthusiasts, how we could make a better bottle to support their active lifestyle. They all gave us the same answer:

The lid.

Make the best lid out there, they asked.

So, we did.

We engineered a sustainable food-grade stainless steel bottle with a sleek silhouette and a universal lid system filled with thoughtful, caring design and an unrivaled pioneering hydration technology.

Core body temperature increases when exercising, and cold water is essential for maintaining endurance. Our ground-breaking Chill-Lock™ hydration lid is the best lid around, insulated so well that ice-cold water stays chilled all day long.

Portability is also an important part of an active life. The ergonomic design of our durable swivel-loop handle makes it easy to carry our bottles around.

Convinced yet? The self-locking hinge hovers right where you put it, while the quick close cap keeps things clean, once you’re done quenching your thirst.

A leaky lid is a total let down. That’s why we make Takeya lids 100% leak-proof, no sweat, condensation-free!

Finally, a lid is only great if it’s easy to clean! Our lids have been engineered with easy to remove tabbed gaskets that can be popped out and put directly into the dishwasher for quick and easy sanitizing.


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Our Mission

To inspire, energize, and celebrate fitness enthusiasts everywhere, one refreshing sip at a time.

Our Core Values

We revel in feeling active, playful and healthy. A flourishing lifestyle leads to a deep sense of personal achievement, well-being and a strong sense of purpose and mastery.

We embrace the spirit of family, friendship and camaraderie, and the joy and inspiration it brings to our lives and communities.

We believe in leading an authentic and meaningful life, in pursuit of our passions and committed to high quality and continuous improvement.

So, we can offer you a #BetterDrinkingExperience.

Our contribution

A better bottle for a better future

Refill, Reuse, Refresh.

By replacing single-use plastics with our long-lasting Takeya bottles you are making a positive impact and joining the growing movement of conscious eco-heroes, who are doing their best to reinvent the way we treat our planet.

That’s not only important, but vital.

An astounding 10 million metric tons of plastic gets dumped in the oceans every year, adding to the more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste that currently pollute them, endangering not only every marine species, but the survival of all life on Planet Earth.

Fill and refill your Takeya bottle for a cleaner tomorrow, because every time you sip from it, not only do you get a little better, but the whole world does as well.

Keeps ice for a whole day in Arizona +100° weather, three hours on the golf course plus home