Find your perfect bottle

In three easy steps, we can help find the perfect bottle for you!

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How big is your thirst?

With six wide-mouth sizes to keep your water ice-cold, choose the bottle that will refresh your hydration routine.

14oz - Fits in little hands with sure-grip, and snugs in school lunch bags without spills!

16oz - For big kids who need that extra few sips to hydrate from first bell to bus time.

17oz - Perfect for a steaming cup of coffee or aromatic tea.

18oz - The perfect size to pop in your purse, stash in your pack, toss in your gym bag, or snug in your car cup holder.

22oz - A fan favorite that’s slender and sophisticated—fits most cup holders.

24oz - Just the right size to stay hydrated while working out. Fill, refill, refresh!

32oz - Get all the way through hot yoga or a high-intensity pickleball match.

40oz - We got you! This one handles hours of play, from sun up to sun down!

64oz - Hydration is an all-day game. Our biggest bottle holds 64 oz. of ice-cold refreshment.

1QT - 32oz of goodness.

2QT - 64oz of goodness.

25oz - Extra large for days when you need more caffeine. Conveniently holds an entire bottle of wine too.

14mm Standard -

14mm Long -

16mm Standard -

16mm Long -

14mm Standard
14mm Long
16mm Standard
16mm Long
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Which Best Lid Ever is your favorite?

Twist off, add ice, twist on. Takeya’s award-winning, leak-proof lid locks in 24+ hours of ice-cold hydration.

Sip, chug or pour with our leak-proof Spout Lid with a quick open cap and comfort loop handle.

Sip on-the-go with our leak-proof folding Straw Lid with comfort loop handle.

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What California color matches your mood?

With a double layer of durable powder coat drenched in vibrant California-inspired colors, there’s a bottle to match every active athlete, sustainable sipper, and fitness enthusiast (who doesn’t mind looking good when they sweat).

Arctic - True white, this color belongs on a sandy ocean pier filled to the brim with ice.

Blush - A soft, muted pink that’s the prettiest at the studio, in bright white kitchens, and on hot white sand.

Black - Powerful, elegant, and sophisticated.

Bluestone - A muted blue straight from dawn or a post-sunset sky.

Coral - A fresh, invigorating pink-orange that combines grapefruit and juicy melon.

Midnight - A dark, serious blue like a late-night sky over boats moored on the hook.

Cobalt - Saturated, intense, and vibrant, Cobalt is the big blue Pacific ocean.

Nitro Purple - Bursting with intensity and buzzing with the bold energy of sport.

Onyx - A pure black. For those who love black.

Malibu - Does anyone else think we should portmanteau this gorgeous aquamarine color? Maliblue just fits. Someone get a ballot box.

Sage - Where land meets sea, we've swirled the essence of the Pacific Ocean blue with a fresh herb garden hue.

Graphite - We named this one Graphite because it sounds way cooler than greige.

Slate - If Onyx is black, Slate is bougie black. NOT dishwasher safe or powder coated.

Rose Gold - When blush goes metal.

Merlot - The color of wine. Full-bodied with hints of cherry, plum and raspberry.

Teal - Blue on the green side is calming and rejuvenating. It pops with white and coral like an ocean sunset.

Lilac - A soft purple that gives off serene floral vibes. Think meditation on a misty May morning.

Mint - Mojito vibes, a straw hat, and a lounge chair. Mint is fresh and summery.

Aqua - Blue with a special hint of green.

Blackberry - Rich and dark like the fruit.

Clear -

Seafoam - Fresh and bright. At home in nature.

Pink Sunrise - Pink with extra spirit.

Rally Blue - A winning hue of blue.

Dropshot Teal - Peaceful and rejuvenating.

Ace Black - Black suited for the court.

Dodgeball - Powerful grey.

Breezy Blue - Cool and refreshing.

Stormy Black - A very cool and darkish grey.

Flutter Pink - A lighter shade of pink.

Vivacity Purple - A lively purple that's ready for fun.

Pro Fire - An intense blend of orange and red.

Grand Slam Black - There's no better black.

Champion Blue - A classic, sporty shade of blue.

Extreme Air - Not crystal clear.

Pink Sweep - A stunning blend of red, blue, and purple.

SailBlue - A cheery blue that gives off the energy of sailboats, seagulls, and bobbing buoys.

Cucumber - A crisp and refreshing green on the scene.

Frost - A gray winter's sky.

Fire - Blazing hot red.

Lagoon - Easygoing like our friend Teal.

Lavender Field - Perfectly pale purple.

Grapefruit - Saturated and beautiful.

Currant - A deep, dark purple.

Lychee - A cool and calm cyan.

Navy - A powerful and intelligent blue.

Ocean - A beautiful hue of blue.

Pink Lavender - Love this medium purple.

Platinum - White + Silver = win!

Plum - Deep and juicy like the fruit.

Royal - Deep and vivid. Lighter than navy.

Sky - The sky on a fine day.

Sunset Pink - A peaceful pink. Full of love.

Surf - Gentle waves.

Surfer - Glassy tropical waters.

Takeya Blue - Our favorite.

Toreador - Red and pink build this lively red.

Touchdown Teal - A balanced blend of blue and green.

Blue Lagoon - A deep and mesmerizing shade of cyan.

Canary - Vivid yellow.

Candy Apple - That sugary red coating to that deep red apple.

Capri - The blend of sea and sky.

Cherry - Juicy red.

Chili Red - Fiery red.

Stone - Saturated grey.

Sunshine - A bight and energetic yellow!

Peach - One sweet shade of pinkish orange.

Dawn Pink - A delicate mid-tone pink.

Lavender Sky - Electric in color and energy.

Atlantic - A deep blue.

Backspin Pink - Court ready.

Blueberry - Smart and refreshing.

Avocado - Healthful and wise.

Raspberry - Vibrant and appealing.

Glass - Naturally appealing.

Prize Purple - Winning combo of red and blue.

Red - Love this color.

Super Pink - Pink to the next power.

Ultraviolet - Radiating purple.

Fuchsia - Energizing and uplifting.

Pink Mimosa - Sweet celebration.

Vine Green - Like a climbing tendril.

Grape Purple - Bursting with sweetness.

New Day Blue - Like a clear summer day.

Watermelon - Plump on the vine.

Venice - Swirling rapids.

Monochrome - A muted pink that’s the prettiest at the studio, in bright white kitchens, and on hot white sand.

White - Fresh and frosty.

Ice Blue - It's glacial.

Pistachio Green - Uplifting green goodness.

Cloud White - Like a daydream.

Asstd. - Assorted Colors

Citron Green - Citrus-inspired bursts of bright yellow are mixed with electric green for a vibrant hue to awaken your senses.

Court Yellow - The right POP of color for the court.

Tart Orange - Vibrant, zesty and plucked straight from the citrus grove.

Matcha - Iced green tea latte pick-me-up

Mist - A soft gray sky that channels spring rain

Dragon Fruit - Tropical notes of bright pink

Lightning Green - Bright fireflies that light up the night sky

Summer Glow Pink - Flamingo pink by the pool in summer

Glow Worm Blue - Electric blue glow during a summer campout

Mystic Blue - Tranquil mix of green earth and blue ocean

Cool Gray -

Honeycomb - The warmth of golden sunshine

Pink -

Peach Wave -

Your Perfect Bottle