Top Five Tips To Improve Your Pickleball Game


Mar 13, 2023

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Top Five Tips To Improve Your Pickleball Game
Pickleball Professional Riley Newman

Pickleball professionals, Riley and Lindsey Newman, share their top 5 tips for beginners. We are thrilled to have Riley and Lindsey on Team Takeya! And don’t forget that hydration is an all-day game – checkout our exclusive Pickleball Bottle Collection featuring a Newman and Takeya collab 64oz bottle. 

5 Tips From Pickleball Professionals, Riley and Lindsey Newman

  1. When dinking at the kitchen line, try to stay on the line and not take steps off of it. This will put pressure on your opponents to hit un-attackable shots and allow you to be more aggressive on high shots from your opponents. 
  1. When dinking, try to comfortably take balls out of the air. Make sure you aren't over reaching by hitting the ball off one foot or sticking your bottom out too far. 
  1. When playing rec play, try to play with better players. Even if you get beat, you'll learn more from losing than you will from winning.  
  1. Drill more than you play. Drilling will help you become more consistent and confident in your shots.
  1. Watch lots of high level pickleball on TV or in person. You can learn a lot by watching the pros play.