Drink Up: Is Cold Water Better?

As everyone knows, staying hydrated is key to keeping your body working properly: it aids in digestion, immune function, skin health… the list is never-ending! It stands to reason that properly hydrating before, during and after a workout is important. But did you know that there are benefits to replenishing with cold water during exercise?

cold water is better for exercise

Drink More.

Getting enough hydration can be hard for some people. And when you’re in the heat of a workout, replenishing fluids that you’re losing is critical. Studies show that if your water is cold, you’ll actually ingest 37% more!(1) So if you’re looking to up your water, pre, post or during a workout, make sure it’s cold.

Perform Better.

Making the most of your workout means performing your best. Research shows that you’re likely to improve your overall performance during your workout if you’re drinking cold water. (2) So ensure you’re hydrating with ice cold water during your workouts so you can make the most out of every minute you spend getting your sweat on. Because nobody likes to leave the gym feeling like they didn’t give it their all.

Work Out Longer.

Do you find that mid-workout you get sluggish and lack energy? That’s because as you work out, your core body temperature rises. This increase in core body temperature makes your body work hard to cool you down. But science shows that ingesting cold water can delay this increase in your core body temperature.(3) A delay in this body temperature increase means you don’t get tired as quickly and you’ll have the energy to work out longer… which is a good thing.

Plain and simple: cold water is better. So ditch the plastic water bottles (for so many reasons) and upgrade your hydration solution to an insulated stainless steel water bottle to stay hydrated and properly fuel your workout.

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