What to Love About Takeya Water Bottles

Although seemingly simple, a bottle’s lid is at the core of its functionality. Our talented team of product engineers made it their mission to design the Best Lid Ever to bring you the coolest sip ever. We break down the Five key features of our Actives Bottle Lids that take it to the top of the list, and you keep you coming back for more (water).


These two words define the groundbreaking insulation of our lid that keeps your liquids ice cold and at their prime chill temp all-day-long

No Spills & Easy To Clean

Leak-proof and sweatproof, you can confidently throw your bottle in any bag. Dishwasher safe, our lid is easy to clean.

Click here for Bottle Care 101.

Universal Lid

No more searching for a lid that is compatible with your Actives bottle, as all of our spout lids and straw lids fit all bottle sizes (from 14oz to 64oz). Mix and match to make a two-tone hued bottle that’s uniquely you.

Sip Away

Whether you’re Team Spout or Team Straw, with our lids your liquids flow exactly as they should.

The Takeya Spout Lid™ can handle sip, chug, and pour with thoughtful precision—no need to remove it! The innovation that snugs the spout to your lips prevents unnecessary face splashes and shirt showers, every single time you have a sip. Our innovative hinge-lock keeps the cap out of the way for quick access when you need to quench your thirst. Seal the cap closed to keep the spout clean. Upgrade to our Pickleball bottle to experience our built in pro-series ice-blocker spout for quick gulping.

The Takeya Straw Lid™ is the go-to-lid option for quick sipping, staying leak-proof when folded. Easily flip up the durable straw with max low for non-stop hydration.

Twist, Grab-and-Go

Twist the lid open and closed thanks to the grippy silicone band. Our smart and ergonomically designed swivel-loop handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry your Takeya bottle. Bonus, hang our bottle from your bag or any wall-hook to keep it within arm’s reach.

The MVP of our team, our Best Lid Ever will become part of your daily routine to help you hit your water goals – because Hydration is an all-day game! Whether you’re team Straw or Spout, You Can Shop Our Entire Actives Collection Here.