Refresh Your 24-hour Hydration Routine

Bring on the hydration and balance in 2022 in a routine that works for you! Below we share how to reset your refreshment routine, and tips on how to hit your hydration goals.

Refresh Your 24-hour Hydration Routine
1. Rise & Sweat
Jumpstart your day with 16oz of water from our Actives Bottle
2. Awaken
Warm up with your favorite caffeinated beverage in our Traveler Mug
3. Refresh
Take breaks throughout the day to replenish and stretch
4. Release
Get out and play (and don't forget to sip)
5. Unwind
Cozy up to a warm, soothing herbal drink

Ready to hydrate? Get your go-to duo.

Hydration 101 Tips:

💦As temps drop, air become dry and bodies get less moisture. Stay ahead of dehydration by carrying our Actives Bottle and Tumbler wherever you go (our ergonomic handles make that a breeze).

💦 Fill your Takeya bottle at night and keep it bedside. Drink 16oz of water before your feet hit the floor for an instant burst of energy.

💦 While you make your morning matcha or coffee, refill your bottle and carry it with you throughout your day. Our Chill-Lock technology keeps your water cold all day long.

💦 Set reminders in your phone to drink & stretch throughout the day. Depending on the season and where you live, your water intake will vary - I.e. you may need more water if you live in a warm climate with high altitudes.

💦 Tune into your body. Quantity of water varies from person to person, so pay attention to how you feel as you hydrate throughout the day to find what works for you. Keeping your bottle by your side makes it easy to refresh whenever you crave a sip. Our ergonomic handle and leakproof bottle, make it easy to carry along on any adventure.

💦 Find a color that brightens your day. If you like the way your bottle looks and if that color brings you joy, you’re more likely to take it along for the ride. Peek at our collection of California-inspired hues to match your mood.