12 billion Plastic Bottles Saved!

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Sep 15, 2021

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12 billion Plastic Bottles Saved!

In honor of #InternationalCoastCleanUpDay on September 18th, we’re taking a moment to thank you for joining us in making a commitment to sustainable sips. With every purchase of a Takeya reusable bottle, you have helped us save over 12 billion single-use plastic bottles throughout the past 7 years.

By replacing single-use plastics with our long-lasting Takeya bottles you are making a positive impact and joining the growing movement of ocean-friendly eco-heroes, who are doing their best to consciously reinvent the way we treat our planet.

That’s not only important, but vital. An astounding 10 million metric tons of plastic gets dumped in the oceans every year, adding to the more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste that currently pollute them, endangering not only every marine species, but the survival of all life on Planet Earth. Fill and refill your Takeya bottle for a cleaner tomorrow, because every time you sip from it, not only do you get a little better, but the whole world does as well.

Let's raise a bottle to our continued collective efforts to keep our coast clean and community hydrated! Click here to shop our collection of sustainable bottles. 

Check out this collection of resources & organizations that are making a difference on International Coastal CleanUp Day:

1. Ocean Conservancy

2. Surfrider Foundation

3. California Coastal Commission 

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