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FATHERLY: The Best Water Bottles for Kids That Won’t Crack, Break, or Leak

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The cooler-looking and more user-friendly the bottle, the more H2O kids will drink. Proper hydration is important, but disposable bottles are both pricey and abysmal from an environmental point of view. Which is why there’s no shortage of vessels claiming to be the best water bottles for kids. Yet some water bottles leak, others are a huge pain to clean, and still others crack the minute they hit the playground pavement. 

Reusable bottles for kids should be easy to open and close, and sized just right for their hands. There are insulated water bottles, which keep drinks cold longer, and plastic water bottles, which are lighter and simpler for kids to handle. Some can be paired with a slew of different lid types, depending on your child’s sipping or gulping preference. And of course, whatever bottle you choose has to be as leak-proof as possible, because you don’t need the drama of a soaked backpack.

Takeya Insulated Kids Water Bottle

It's made from food-grade stainless steel and has a double wall design to keep drinks cold. The exterior has a powder coating so it won't fall out of kids' hands. Best of all is the lid, which pops up when kids are ready to gulp down some aqua, and then goes back down when they're done. The clip is a nice touch for backpack attachments.

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