INSIDER: I carry a water bottle on me at all times — my 2 favorites couldn't look and feel more different
  • Whether I'm traveling a new country or simply running errands, I carry a water bottle on me at all times.
  • Since I like to stay hydrated, my favorite reusable water bottle is the stainless steel, 40 oz. Takeya Originals Water Bottle, which features double-walled insulation, two mouth types, and an ergonomic handle.
  • If not the Takeya bottle, you'll find the 16 oz. bkr Water Bottle in my bag. This silicone-covered glass bottle is more suitable for casual use and when it's just not practical to lug around a large bottle.

As someone who likes to stay hydrated and is always drinking water, I count the reusable water bottle as one of my most prized possessions. Rarely will I ever leave the house without one in tow — who knows where my next source of water will be? I certainly won't be waiting until my throat feels parched and my head hurts to seek it out, and I blanch at the thought of buying a wasteful plastic water bottle.

If anyone ever tried to assume my identity, they'd be remiss not to include the 40 oz. Takeya Originals Water Bottle in their Connie Chen Starter Pack. This is the main bottle I carry around for the gym, travels, and everyday life, and thanks to its size (or maybe the assortment of stickers plastered all over it) you can spot me doing so from a mile away.

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The 40 oz. Takeya Originals Water Bottle is an all-around stainless steel heavyweight that will keep you hydrated through the whole day.

The Takeya Originals is the classic reusable water bottle most people think of: made from stainless steel, double-wall insulated to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, and rugged enough to withstand bumps and scratches.

I like Takeya's design specifically because it has a wide mouth to make refilling, adding ice, and cleaning easy, as well as a small spout lid that allows for precise drinking with minimal spillage.

You can hold the bottle comfortably in one hand or by the wide loop handle that lets you swing it back and forth. You can also clip this handle to a carabiner on your backpack. Despite accidental crashes as a result of careless swinging, the handle has stayed resilient and secure.

takeya bottle

Impressive insulation capabilities are another reason to consider the bottle.

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To some (e.g. all my friends and family who regularly point this out), the 40 oz. size can seem excessive and heavy. But as someone who truly loves drinking water, the size is perfect and ensures I have something to sip throughout the entire day.

It's my savior during long, dehydrating flights, where I typically down the small complimentary cups of water in one gulp; days spent in the city running errands and hanging out with friends; and draining workout classes. Having the large bottle by my bedside encourages me to drink a lot of water in the morning when I wake up, which, among other benefits, increases alertness and jump-starts metabolism.

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