BUZZFEED: The Best Insulated Water Bottles

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Mar 26, 2019

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BUZZFEED: The Best Insulated Water Bottles

When is a water bottle more than just a water bottle? When it manages to elicit as much imagination and enthusiasm as the Takeya Originals water bottle. Out of all the bottles we tested, regardless of price point, there was something about Takeya that made us want to drink water, with one tester even noting that it made her wish she went to the gym regularly.

Now, if there’s one major reason to stop using those plastic water bottles you get for free when you, say, sign up for a new bank account, it’s bisphenol A, or BPA. As the the Mayo Clinic explains, BPA is a chemical byproduct found in some plastic water bottles that has possible adverse effects “on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland of fetuses, infants, and children,” adding that “additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure.” Like most insulated-water-bottle makers, Takeya claims its bottles are BPA-free.

In short: It’s buyer beware with the cheap plastic stuff! Accept nothing less than BPA-free.

Takeya Water Bottle full view

If you’re research sleuths like us, chances are you’ve seen that the Takeya Originals bottle is one of Wirecutter’s top picks, and for good reason. While this double-walled insulated bottle is attractive in an unassuming kind of way, it really is the lid that demands attention. You can drink through a flip-cap spout or by unscrewing the whole lid, and it features a flip-up handle for carrying.

When compared to our runner-up in this price range, S’ip by S’well (S’well’s hip younger s’ibling), it was the combination of Takeya’s leakproof spout lid, which can be used for sipping or chugging, and the mouth opening, which is wide enough to accept ice from any source, that made all the difference for our testers. Actually, Takeya ran circles around its competitors in every category, from portability to overall look and feel.

Takeya Water bottle lid handle

For all you parents out there, the flip-cap spout makes this bottle ideal for sharing with kids. It’s easy enough to open and close, even for tikes as young as five. And because the spout locks in place, securely out of the way, the kiddos won’t have a difficult time getting their daily intake. Another great use we found for the flip-cap spout? Watering your office desk plants. That’s what we call versatility.

However, the lid design appears to be susceptible to letting cold or heat escape. Of the bottles we tested, Takeya’s temperature climbed the most (by a few mere degrees) over the course of 10 hours, even though the twist cap and flip-cap spout are both insulated. The flip-up handle is a benefit, but it isn’t perfect. It’s fastened with a stainless-steel pin but is made from plastic, and it’s not hard to imagine the handle snapping off. Still, these seemed to be nitpicky knocks for a water bottle that got a universal thumbs up from all of our testers.  

Takeya water bottle top shot

When it comes to form, the Takeya is slim and constrained, which makes it a viable option for the car, a bag, and nearly all other places you’d want to take an 18-ounce water bottle. Since the bottle has a double-powder textured coating, eliminating the cold touch of stainless steel, it feels really nice to hold while drinking.

If you’re willing to spend more than the bare minimum on an insulated water bottle and need one to accommodate a lot of different situations, be sure to take a serious look at the Takeya.

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