THE MANUAL: The Best Beer Growlers for Enjoying Your Favorite Pour on the Go

Whether you’re filling up at your favorite local craft brewery or you’re brewing some homemade suds yourself, the historic growler has long been and still remains one of the best ways to store your beer. These handy vessels have come a long way from the cork-topped ceramic jugs of yesteryear (of the kind most commonly associated with moonshine), with today’s market offering everything from no-nonsense but high-quality glass growlers to insulated stainless steel models that can keep your beer frosty for hours and hours

The craft brewing renaissance has brought this alcohol icon back in a big way, and for one simple reason: Refillable growlers, typically sized at 64 ounces, are one of the most cost-effective ways to stock up on your favorite brews, giving you more bang for the buck than you get buying bottles and cans (glass growlers are also a must-have among home brewers). You’ve got more than a few choices here, so whatever your needs may be, read on to see our five top picks for the best growlers available right now.

Also great: Takeya Actives Insulated Beer Growler

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A sportier and slightly cheaper alternative to our top pick is this insulated growler from Takeya, which takes a more water-bottle-like approach to beer growler design. In fact, there’s no reason that the Takeya growler can’t pull double duty as your go-to vessel for water and sports drinks thanks to its insulated spout lid that lets you drink right from the bottle.

This growler also features similar double-walled, vacuum-insulated, 18/8 stainless steel construction to the MiiR. The only things that kept it out of the number one slot were the MiiR’s slightly better performance and the Takeya’s very sporty overall design, but this growler is nonetheless a fine pick that also happens to be available in more sizes and colors than our top pick.