YAHOO!: Over 2,000 Amazon Customers Swear by This Cold Brew Coffee Maker - And It's Only $17

Let’s face it: Buying iced coffee every day of the week gets expensive. While the iced drink is definitely a staple during the warmer seasons (there’s nothing quite like a sweet, cold sip of caffeine on a sunny day), it can burn a small hole in your pocket if you’re a frequent visitor of that Starbucks near your office.

That’s why Amazon customers love this best-selling cold brew maker. Not only does it save money, but it’s super easy to use, provides iced coffee all year round, and gives you the chance to enjoy a delicious cup in your own home. Gone are the days of making hot coffee and then icing (and watering) it down — this cold brew maker is exactly what you need to brew that perfect cup of iced coffee.


The Takeya cold brew and iced coffee maker is a BPA-free pitcher that comes with a sturdy handle, leak-free lid, and fine mesh coffee filter that attaches to the lid. You can make up to four servings of coffee in the one-quart size, and up to eight servings in the two-quart size. The instructions are simple: Fill the coffee filter up with 14 to 16 tablespoons of your favorite coffee (preferably coarsely ground), add 32 ounces of cold filtered water to the pitcher, then seal the lid with the coffee filter attached. Shake well, leave it in the fridge overnight, and voila! You’ll have a pitcher of smooth, iced coffee the next morning.

Here’s the best part: The coffee can last up to two weeks in the pitcher after it’s brewed thanks to its airtight lid — a.k.a. you’ll be saving a chunk of change using it.

Plus, over 2,000 Amazon customers have given this best-selling cold brew coffee maker perfect five-star reviews. Shoppers can’t stop talking about how easy it is to use and clean (it’s dishwasher safe!), and how pleased they are that the purchase cuts down on their coffee spending budget.

“This coffee maker is my BEST FRIEND!” one shopper wrote. “I use this every day, it’s so easy to use! My coffee comes out perfect every time. It’s very easy to clean as well.”

Another reviewer raved, “This thing is so simple, so easy to use, easy to make good coffee, and cleans up easy. I carry it in a bag and it jostles around and never spills even when upside down. It passes all the tests. I now make awesome cold coffee and it stores nicely and travels great. No more oils [and] acid. Just good, mellow, earthy coffee.”

With summer just around the corner, this best-selling cold brew maker is a must-have in your kitchen. And the fact that it’s under $20? Even better.