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FAQs – Takeya Beverage Makers and Pitchers

Can I place Takeya products in the Freezer?

The only product you can place in a freezer are our Freshlok by Design airtight storage containers. Placing our other products in the freezer may damage them.

What are the TAKEYA glass bottles made of?

TAKEYA glass bottles are 100% soda lime glass made specially in Japan. The quality is exceptional. Smooth, lead-free glass makes for a safe, comfortable drinking lip and a beautiful weight balance in your hands.

What are the TAKEYA glass bottle caps made of?

The glass bottle caps are made of ABS plastic with a silicone gasket. The Modern glass bottle straw is made of polypropylene with a silicone tip.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker vs 1QT Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker?

Coffee essential oils and flavors are strong and may alter the flavor of iced tea (if using the same infuser). The Cold Brew Coffee Maker comes with a user guide of instructions and recipes to use as a Cold Brew Coffee Maker. The 1QT Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker is designed to make freshly brewed iced tea in minutes (using Takeya pre-measured Loose Leaf Tea or your choice of loose leaf or bagged tea).

What’s the best way to contact you?

Feel free to contact our Customer Service team or complete our simple contact form. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you! We look forward to hearing from you!

Product Usage

Is it normal to have a little sediment in my cold brew coffee?

Since cold brew coffee is created by allowing coffee grounds and water to steep for an extended period of time, some sediment in your cold brew coffee is completely normal. However, to cut down on the amount of sediment transfer, ensure you are using coarsely ground coffee. Coffee that is ground too finely can result in a brew with higher than normal levels of sediment. If you prefer, you can strain your final brew through a paper filter to remove any excess sediment.

Should I tighten the lid of my beverage maker while it contains hot liquid?

No, DO NOT fully tighten lid, shake or lay on its side when hot.

Are TAKEYA products and accessories BPA free?

Yes, Takeya products and accessories are BPA-free. The Tea Maker/Pitcher body is made from high-quality, BPA-free Tritan™, which can withstand boiling hot and ice cold temperatures.

Product Care

Can I microwave TAKEYA products?

Please do not use TAKEYA products in the microwave.

How do I care for my Takeya product?

Glad you asked! Here are a few important guidelines:

Glass Water Bottle: The bottle, cap and silicone jacket are dishwasher safe. We recommend you do not remove the silicone jacket while washing to extend product newness and longevity.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker/Iced Tea Maker/Airtight Pitcher/Flavor Infusion:

  • Dishwasher safe, Handwash to extend longevity
  • Cleaning Instructions
  • Iced Tea Maker User Guide
  • Cold Brew Coffee Maker User Guide

Tea or Fruit Infuser: Tap upside down in trash bin or garbage disposal to remove contents and rinse. Hand wash or soak with mild soap is recommended, but both infusers are dishwasher safe.