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Airtight Pitcher

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Airtight Pitcher

Our pitchers are functional and modern. The lid seals airtight, allowing for mixing, shaking and keeping beverages fresh while storing, and allows them to be conveniently stored on their side in the refrigerator.

  • Airtight and Leakproof: Lid twists into pitcher to keep beverages fresh and allow pitcher to be stored upright or on its side.
  • Durable Tritan body: Stain, cloud and odor proof and designed to withstand temperatures from boiling hot to ice cold.
  • BPA Free Non-slip silicone handle
  • Make, serve and store all in one pitcher.
  • Store on its side or in refrigerator door.
  • Proudly Made in the USA!

Product specs


Durable Tritan Plastic


BPA-Free Airtight


9.25"H x 6.1"W x 4.1"D

Weight: 0.99 lbs.


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