Cobalt —Inspired by the Ocean

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Mar 18, 2022

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Cobalt —Inspired by the Ocean

Cobalt straight from the ocean

Takeya’s purpose is hydration. 

On top of the cutting-edge science we add to every bottle, our stylish Takeya team is inspired by color. 

What kind of colors? 

The kind that remind you of California, where happiness wakes up every morning and floats in the ocean air. 

cobalt bottle bundle

We like to think we ship that hydration happiness across the country every day, adding a thoughtful punch of California-inspired vibrance to every lucky doorstep we ship to. 

We’re pretty excited about our newest color that’s making a splash—Cobalt.

Is your color Cobalt? 

Saturated, intense, and vibrant, Cobalt in California is inspired by the big blue ocean. 

How did Cobalt become part of our hydration heartbeat?

It came to us from the deepest curl of a giant wave, from the darkening blue depths of a free dive, from the energetic reach and recede where the shore meets the sand.


orange coral

Cobalt inspiration:  

You’ve heard it. 

That repeating rush of waves, the windy snap of a sail, the backdrop of seagulls—there’s nothing quiet about cobalt. It exudes blue energy just like the ocean that invites you, every minute of every beautiful day, to play.  

You’ve seen it. 

Gaze over that massive body of blue as the sun peeks over its edge far away at the horizon. Watch its changing blue gradients stretch out from a shallow coral reef to the plunging depths that drop off an ocean ledge.


Look up from down there.

The hull of a single boat takes the shape of serenity, a cobalt silhouette floating on aquamarine.

You’ve felt it.

The salty spray when you walk its shores, the freedom that excites you when you sail above it, the serenity that slows down the world when you float, weightless, on its surface. 

Dive into it! Fly through it, free, underwater.

dive into the cobalt ocean

You’ve thought about it. 

Life is big and full of promise. We make our way through it with drive and intention. But, way down there, in those generous patches of beautiful blue, aquatic life patiently reminds us how small we are in that cobalt expanse. 


We wanted to capture the intensity of the ocean and wrap it around our latest bottles. Cobalt blue is how we do that just for you in our newest color launch.

We hope you see the brilliant cobalt ocean when you look at it. And we hope it inspires you to feel that energy every day when you move, try new things, strive for new goals, and make every day the best day.

We put the energy of the ocean on our bottles. If that speaks to you, your bottle is definitely Cobalt.

Cobalt trio 

cobalt blue spout