Go-To Hydration Tips From 4 USA Olympic Athletes

Hydration is an all-day game. Who understands the importance of hydration more than a USA Olympic Athlete? Below you will find their go-to hydration tips to keep you at the top of your game. But first, a few of our top hydration tips and facts to kick it off:

  • You’re in it for the journey, not just the sprint – so, did you know proper hydration is linked to increased endurance?
  • Keep your bottle bedside and grab it first thing in the AM to rehydrate your body and jumpstart your day. Plus, our insulated bottles keep your water cold throughout the night until you’re ready to refresh.
  • Forget your equipment for an at home workout? Use a filled water bottle as a weight replacement and get after your reps.
  • Want to amp up the chill factor inside your bottle? Pre-cool your bottle before you fill it up with your favorite sip. Rinse the inside of your bottle with ice cold water and drain before adding your beverage of choice – even if it’s just water!
  • Our ground-breaking Chill-Lock™ lid technology expertly insulates our bottles so that ice-cold water stays chilled all day long. So, get out there and play at your peak, enjoy your life to its fullest, and quench your thirst.

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David Boudia – Diving

“One way to make hydrating a habit is by always keeping your water with you. Grab your keys, your phone, your wallet and your water bottle!”

Sammy Schultz – Modern Pentathlon

"They said that food is fuel, but hydration is just as important! I always have one if not two water bottles with me at all times!

Even mild dehydration can impact your mental clarity.

Drink more water, stay hydrated, and continue to fuel your body with the good stuff! You will not only feel better but you may see performance increase in many aspects of life!"

Katie Zaferes – Triathalon

"There are times when I struggle with hydration, but I’ve realized that I can make water like a treat for me through adding UCAN flavored hydration packs. It’s more appealing to me and helps make sure I get in the appropriate amount."

Haley Anderson – Swimming

"I always have my water bottle on hand so that I can drink consistently throughout the day."

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