Meet The Takeya Fitness Trainer: Stef Corgel

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Mar 13, 2023

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Meet The Takeya Fitness Trainer: Stef Corgel

Trainer and athlete, Stef Corgel, is the star of our Water Bottle Workout series on Instagram. We’re thrilled to have her on Team Takeya as a Takeya Trainer, as she brings energizing workouts to our IG feed each and every month, an uplifting attitude and expert tips on staying hydrated all day long. We sat down with Stef to learn more about her athletic journey, go-to playlist, and fitness must-haves, scroll down to read and we promise you’ll be inspired! Meet your Takeya Trainer, Stef Corgel!

What Was The First Sport You Played?

I learned to ski! Then came soccer, basketball, softball, and surfing.

Tell Us About Your Morning Ritual…

Alarm goes off I open my eyes and do some lazy leg stretches in bed. I boil some hot water, go back to wash my face and brush my teeth, then it’s coffee time while I check out the waves. There is usually only a moment of serenity before I pack some snacks for the road and am out the door to train or teach a workout! 

What’s Your Evening Ritual?

Watching the sunset is a must! Having a healthy, balanced meal for dinner and a glass of wine with my local friends serves as the perfect way to recap the day and recognize all that we are grateful for. 9/10 times, there is some sort of chocolate dessert! I’m less of a movie/Netflix person… I’d rather scroll instagram for fun workout ideas or hilarious reels.

What Are Your Favorite Takeya Bottles?

My favorites are the Tritan Motivational Bottle in Vivacity Purple and the Takeya Sport Bottle 40oz in Pink Sweep!

What is Your Go-To Post Workout Snack?

A protein smoothie if I’m in a rush, but if I have a moment to enjoy, then avocado toast with greens, sea salt, and a couple eggs over-easy is my go-to!

Why Do you Love To Teach Takeya Water Bottle Workouts on Instagram?

Convenience and the chance to be creative! I travel often and have to be resourceful in order to stay fit on the road. Takeya water bottles are a great marker for speed work and can serve as light resistance for weight training, not to mention they keep me hydrated!


How Often Do You Hydrate? 

First thing when I wake up! Then before, during, and after workouts.  I make sure to sip throughout the day, knowing that by the time I feel thirsty, I am already dehydrated.

Next Place You’re Traveling To…

I just returned from the France and Switzerland! Next up? Hawaii then Greece. Life is full of adventures!

Last 5 Songs On Your Workout/Class Playlist…

Remixes from Purple Disco Machine, Rufus Du Sol, Odesza, Florence The Machine, and Oliver Heldens.

What Are Your Go-To Workout Essentials?

My Takeya water bottle! A yoga mat, kettlebell, and dumbbells can make any room turn into a luxury gym.

What Are Your Top Tips For Fitness Beginners?

Start slow and stay consistent! Keep track of your progress with an app and seek out an accountability buddy that will commit to the long or short term goal with you.

What Are Your Top Tips For Fitness Experts?

Revisit your “why” behind the workout at least once a quarter. At times, we become complacent or burnt out of our training regimen and need to shake things up!  Sign up for a race, revisit a sport you used to play, seek out a new group fitness class, and/or have a loved one join you for an activity you’ll both enjoy together.

Which Sports Have You Played Throughout Your Athletic Journey?

College and professional basketball, soccer, softball, running, swimming, surfing, and soon to try PICKLEBALL!