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Healthy Living

Recipe: Rose Hibiscus Cold Brew Herbal Tea

Bright & fresh, this cold brewed caffeine-free sip is perfect for long summer days. Known to contain a nice dose of Vitamin C, Hibiscus flowers are the healthy star of this sip that blend well with the soothing properties of rose petals. Add dried hibiscus flowers and dried rose petals to the infuser of our Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, add cold water, and let it chill overnight in the fridge. 

Recipe: Takeya Orange Vanilla Cold Brew Recipe

Recipe: Takeya Orange Vanilla Cold Brew Recipe Bright aromatics of fresh orange peels naturally flavor this Cold Brew recipe when infused with coarse coffee grounds. Swirl in rich coconut milk,...

Recipe: Jasmine Pineapple Kiwi Iced Tea

Iced floral jasmine green tea is naturally sweetened with rich honey and infused with fresh pineapple and kiwi for bright, tropical notes. Made with our Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker, this...

Recipe: Lavender Honey Cold Brew Coffee

We’re springing into the new season with a Cold Brew Coffee recipe that’s blossoming with floral flavors. This simple, natural sweetener comes together with pure, raw honey, dried lavender buds,...

Recipe: Chocolate Strawberry Cold Brew Latte

Inspired by the taste of sweet strawberries dipped into rich chocolate, we infused those flavors into a cold brew latte only using natural ingredients (no artificial syrups here). Made with...

How To Cold Brew Tea

  Cold brewed tea, yes you read that right. While our Flash Chill Iced Tea Maker expertly brews and chills fresh, delicious iced tea in minutes – it can also...