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3 Ways To “WIN”terize Your Workout

Posted by Alexandra De la Riva on

Winter is coming, and with it, workouts tend to take a back seat. Your beach body is the least of your concern as you bundle up in your oversized sweater. The holidays consume a great deal of  time and energy – just getting the family on the same page can seem like a workout in itself. But if there’s one thing any good trainer will tell you, it’s that you shouldn’t let winter get in the way of staying fit. Here are our favorite ways to “win” your workout this winter.

Switch it Up

Studies have shown it’s good to mix up your fitness routine to get maximum engagement from both body and mind.. If you typically enjoy yoga in the park, escape the cold with a session of hot Bikram yoga. Like to cycle? An indoor spin class might be perfect. If you enjoy working out after work but the early darkness is getting you down, try getting up an hour earlier and squeezing in a morning session. Approaching your workout with a fresh routine helps you beat the winter doldrums and also helps rev up your metabolism so you continue to see results.


Freeze the Fat

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation showed that working out in cold weather (anything below 62ºF) helps produce more of the enzymes that help burn fat. In short, you can freeze that fat by getting in a few outdoor workouts a week. Just ensure you wear proper layers. You’ll want to remove some as your body temp rises but layer back up once you start to cool down again. And don’t forget to keep those ears and fingers warm during your workout. Nobody likes frostbite!


Give Yourself Incentive

Reward yourself for braving the cold or hitting the gym with a small incentive when you hit your goals. Whether that means some new fitness apparel, or a brand new water bottle, treat yourself in some small way to keep the positive vibes going.

Winter can present a new set of obstacles when it comes to working out, but with a change of routine (and perspective) –  and maybe some new goodies for your gym bag – you can win that winter workout.

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