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7 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow to Get #Shredded

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Walking into a gym can be intimidating. All the machinery. All the sweat. All the muscles. It can make just getting to the gym a battle in and of itself. Staying inspired is as key to your success as the actual workout. So we put together a list of our top 7 male Instagram accounts that’ll help keep you motivated on your journey to shred city. 

Julian Smith

@smith.julian | Julian Michael Smith

Looking to amp up your leg day? Then look no further than the king of quads himself, Julian Smith. Julian’s leg day workouts will have you bulking up and tearing up.


A post shared by BJ Gaddour (@bjgaddour) on

@bjgaddour | BJ Gaddour

BJ provides detailed workouts in a fun, energetic way. And as a self-proclaimed “former fat kid” turned fitness director for Men’s Health, he knows a thing or two about about getting fit.


@jackhanrahanfitness | Jack Hanrahan

Scrolling through Jack’s Instagram feed is anything but boring. Follow his lead and you’ll have a fully sculpted physique in no time.


A post shared by Robert Astalos Jr (@yogibobby) on

@yogibobby | Robert Astalos Jr.

If you don’t think yoga can lead to some serious muscle, think again. Robert’s images will motivate you to not only flex your yogi muscles, but do it in some pretty picturesque places.


A post shared by Jose (@joselopez_fit) on

@joselopez_fit | Jose Lopez

Follow Jose if you’re looking for creative and new ways to work key areas on your body. He’s constantly on the road traveling so he does a lot with limited gym equipment.


@jeremeyscottfitness | Jeremy Scott

If you travel for work or just find that you hate having to get to a gym to get a good workout in, Jeremy Scott is for you. His feed is full of anywhere workouts that involve resistance bands and your own bodyweight to help you build the body you’re after.


@alexcrockford | Alex Crockford

Alex knows that your mentality with regards to working out is just as important to how you fuel your body for a workout. His interval workouts combined with general fitness tips are a surefire way to make sure you make the most of your gym time.

Follow a guy that gives you some serious #gymspiration? Let us know! Tweet us or send us a DM and he might show up on our next list.



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